Real Safe 911 is integrated with the nation's 911 system, and ensures that 911 operators know the address of your location  when you call...even if the 911 call center isn't using Real Safe 911!

It also ensures that in an emergency, first responders can follow your precise location, see crucial medical information you share, and communicate more effectively through video to make sure you get the best care possible as fast as possible.


When you call 911 from a cell phone the 911 operator does not know your location which can dramatically increase the time it takes for help to arrive.

Real Safe 911 allows you to enter 4 preset locations, just tap one of those and then "Call Emergency Services" and you'll be connected with your local 911 dispatcher and they will have your address on their screen when you call.  If you're not in a pre-set location Real Safe 911 will send an address based on your GPS location.

While coming to your aid, and ONLY while coming to your aid, First Responders can track your exact location on the RS911 First Responder app so if you're on the highway, in a field, or on a campus they know exactly how to locate you. 

Crucial Medical Information

You can enter your crucial medical such as Diagnoses, Medications, Allergies, Physicians, and more so that First Responders have all the information they need to provide you with the best care possible.

During the time you need help, and ONLY the time that you need help, First Responders can pull up your medical information on their app or at the hospital.  

You can also generate a QR code and print it wherever you like such as stickers or bracelets and allow First Responders, Nurses, Doctors, and family to access your crucial medical information without using RS911 for Responders.

Your information is protected is protected with 4096 bit encryption which is 16 times more secure than banks, hospitals; and has never been hacked since it's development more than 10 years ago!


Real Safe 911's integrated 4-way video calling allows 911 Operators and First Responders to see what see.  This ability could be critical in accidents, reporting smoke or fire, reporting possible crimes, and even mass casualty events such a mass shootings.

The integrated 4-way video calling also allows First Responders to collaborate with supervisors, other First Responders, the hospital ER, or even your emergency contacts.

Emergency Contacts

You can add as many emergency contacts as you like and they can install Real Safe 911 at no charge but only have access to the emergency contact features.

When you call emergency services your emergency contacts are automatically notified and during your emergency and ONLY during your emergency can track your location so they know where First Responders are taking you, can view your medical information so they can assist if needed, and respond when a video call is initiated by a First Responder.