Real Safe 911's core features are integrated with the nation's 911 system.

The Real Safe 911 app's features allow you to know the caller's exact GPS location in real time, the caller's critical medical info before you're on scene.

Effortlessly initiate up to a 4-way video call with the caller, their emergency contacts, and your colleagues.
All at no charge to you or your department.


As a First Responder you already know that when 911 is called from a cell phone the caller's location is not sent to the PSAP; increasing response time and making your job more complicated.

Real Safe 911 uses the same technology that VoIP office phones Real Safe 911 allows you to enter 4 preset locations, just tap one of those and then "Call Emergency Services" and you'll be connected with your local 911 dispatcher and they will have your address on their screen when you call. If you're not in a pre-set location Real Safe 911 will send an address based on your GPS location.

While coming to your aid, and ONLY while coming to your aid, First Responders can track your exact location on the RS911 First Responder app so if you're on the highway, in a field, or on a campus they know exactly how to locate you.

Crucial Medical Information

Real Safe 911 users can enter their crucial medical information system so that you as a First Responder have the critical information you need to make the decisions that must be made.  You'll find information such as Diagnoses, Medications, Allergies (including severity and presentation), and Physicians.

You'll have access to this information for 2 hours from the time the call is initiated and the information is protected with 4096 bit encryption. 

Emergency Contacts

Users can add emergency contacts and they can install Real Safe 911 at no charge but only have access to the emergency contact features.

Emergency contacts are automatically notified when a user calls "911".  During the emergency, and ONLY during the  emergency, contacts can track the caller's location so they know where First Responders are taking the patient.  Furthermore, contacts can respond when a video call is initiated by a First Responder.