What is Real Safe 911?  

Real Safe 911 is the realization of all "9-1-1" has to offer. It's the fulfillment of the the promise of next generation 911 without the need for taxpayers to spend tens of billions of dollars upgrading the nation's 911 system, or any additional cost to any emergency services organization.  The Real Safe 911 app and system brings mobile address passing, GPS location tracking, video calling, medical information sharing, and emergency contact notification to 911 access.  

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What about the company? 

Real Safe 911 is part of the Real Safe Brands family of products.  Real Safe Brands, an Austin based company founded in 2014 by CEO Lee Goldstein,  started as Real Safe Agent and introduced the first crime prevention system in the Real Estate industry.   The company later developed Real Safe Wire, wire fraud prevention with a $1,000,000 guarantee; and Real Safe Chat, a revolutionary communications platform that features encryption 20 times stronger than bank wire encryption or US Govt. Top Secret Special Access Program requirements. 

What's the Real Safe 911 Story?

In March of 2020 Real Safe Agent was already a successful product in the real estate industry and Real Safe Campus was already being publicly called “the answer we’ve been waiting for” after being previewed at educational campus security conferences. Then the world changed...Covid hit, it was unclear what would happen to the real estate industry, college campuses closed and might not open for another 2 years. The uncertainty of his employee’s future and the future of the company for which he sacrificed everything was an almost crushing burden for Lee, he was determined to ensure the survival of the company. A month or so into the initial lockdown a series of unrelated conversations began laying the groundwork for an epiphany, then a distant siren provided the spark the elements needed to form a cohesive solution in Lee’s mind. Single minded phone calls and research began to check the feasibility of the idea, followed by small scale testing…it was working. He pulled the Real Safe Brands team together and laid out the solution, followed by developed and intensive testing.