For First Responders:
Know and Communicate...
at no charge.

Real Safe 911's core features are integrated with the nation's 911 system.  The Real Safe 911 app's features allow you to know the caller's exact GPS location in real time, the caller's critical medical info before you're on scene.  Effortlessly initiate up to a 4-way video call with the caller, their emergency contacts, and your colleagues.  All at no charge to you or your department.

For Individuals:
Help Them Help You

Real Safe 911 is integrated with the nation's 911 system, and ensures that 911 operators know the address of your location  when you call...even if the 911 call center isn't using Real Safe 911!  It also ensures that in an emergency, first responders can follow your precise location, see crucial medical information you share, and communicate more effectively through video to make sure you get the best care possible as fast as possible.

First Responders

Easier, safer for you; better for the person who needs you:

  • Caller location tracking in real time
  • Crucial medical information in your hand
  • 4-way video call with caller, caller's contacts, and colleagues
  • Free to PSAPs, Fire, EMS, Police, and all municipal services

When you might need 911

Get help faster and safer with:

  • Exact location so they can get to you faster
  • Medical info for your safety
  • Video 911 so they can see what you see
  • Less that 30 cents a day